David Hirzel Green Building

Energy efficiency, resource management, indoor air quality, water conservation, building better communities-these five ideas are the foundation of a brighter, greener future.

Homebuilding has come a long way since the first stone beehive huts were built in County Kerry, Ireland, but some of the practices never become obsolete, like using local materials to create small intimate communites where neighbors can work together.

A stone house hundreds of years old can be made more comfortable with the addition of insulation, dual-glazed vinyl windows, and modern insulation.

A small cottage in Santa Cruz continues with an added story-and-a-half as a family home into the twenty-first century with the latest in energy-efficient heating technology and drought-tolerant landscaping.

David Hirzel Building Design is proud to be an early supporter and participant in the Green Building Exchange and in Built It Green's sophisticated Green Point Building Design programs. We are pleased to announce the addition of Green Point Rating to our portfolio of green design services.

Housing to last a thousand years. . .


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