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The Green Building Program promotes the construction of energy- and resource-efficient structures in the Austin area by offering rebates, technical assistance and free publicity to developers who incorporate "green" features into their homes and other structures.

An outgrowth of the City of Austin Energy Star Rating Program, a home energy rating system, the Green Building Program was designed to expand efficiency specifications from energy use to include water consumption, use of building materials and solid waste production. Like the Energy Star Rating Program, structures included in the Green Building Program receive a rating of one to four stars, indicating the structure's level of compliance with available efficiency specifications.

The program has proven popular at the outset as Austin is one of the many municipalities around the country that supports strong environmental initiatives. In addition, the community has long scrutinized development for environmental impact and this program helps to minimize development's impact in this area.

Finally, the local builder's association ratified the Green Building Guide, which sets out the Green Building Program specifications, and has been included in an advisory capacity since the program's introduction. Securing the participation of the builder's association early on dramatically improved the program's acceptance when ultimately introduced.

While the energy specifications are the most thoroughly evolved, water and air quality assessments are undergoing significant development to expand the environmental benefits available through the green building program.

Program Highlights

How it Works

  • Construction efforts that are reviewed by the Green Building program receive a rating of one to four stars, depending upon the degree to which a building incorporates energy-efficient and water-efficient designs, conserves building materials and reduces solid waste.
  • The program lists more than 130 "green" building specifications - stars are awarded for progressive compliance with these specifications.
  • Passive solar heating and cooling, efficient appliances, "daylighting" and solar water heating are among the recommended energy options.
  • Low flow...

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Green Building in Austin - cost vs traditional construction?

If you build to Energy Star 3.0 standards the cost is less than 5%. If you follow the Home Builders Asscoiation standard for the bronze or silver level its about 5%, about the same as Energy Star. The gold level would be much higher as non standard materials are being used. I am a home builder and I support green building and build only Energy Star Homes. Bang for the buck, ROI, Energy Star homes are the best bet.