Amicus Green Building Supplies

The Amicus Green Building
The categories that get evaluated are: sustainable site selection, water efficiency, energy and atmospheric efficiency, use of sustainable materials and resources and indoor environmental quality. Meanwhile, my architect and other consultants can also get themselves LEED accredited.

Amicus Green is in an unprepossessing storefront on Howard Avenue with little outside advertising. This wasn’t the Home Depot. As we walked in and I saw the crowded warehouse-like conditions, I asked Peter, “What exactly are we doing here?”

Before Peter had a chance to answer, the owner, Jason Holstine, recognized him and introduced himself to me. I still thought we were just there on a shopping trip, but Jason asked us to sit down and wait for him to finish a phone call. On the way to the area where we were going to sit down, I marveled at the glass-shard-based countertop materials and the array of flooring materials, many of which were made of bamboo. I saw a tubular skylight and happily recognized it as something Joe Keiger, the man who sold me his house in November, had put into his house. I could save it and reuse it.
(c/o Mary McCutcheon) The amount of light it channels through the roof is huge and yet I don’t think it brings in heat. I might even get a couple more so that the end of my kitchen can be a green house for my plants as well as an aviary for my parakeets.

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